Practice Areas

Agency Adoption

Often clients will work with a licensed agency to identify a child for adoption.  Hughes Law Center works closely with many agencies to finalize and make the adoption legal. Hughes Law Center does not locate children for adoption. Rather clients come to us with a child and birth parents in mind.

Step-Parent Adoption

Often through marriage, the family wants to make their spouse the parent of their child.  This is done through the stepparent adoption process.  Hughes Law Center will guide your family though all of the necessary forms, education, background checks, and social studies.

Adoption Attorney private adoption foster adoption lawyer

Hughes Law Center frequently handles adoptions of children who are in foster care.  In most cases, the State will pay the cost of adoption and the adoptive parents end up paying nothing. Contact an experienced attorney / lawyer located in Arlington, Texas.

Recognition of International Adoptions

Hughes Law Center will file the necessary paperwork from your international adoption.  This process is necessary in order for you child to have a United States birth certificate.

General Adoption Advice

In addition to guiding you through the legal process of adoption, At Hughes Law Center, we understand adoption, as we ourselves are adoptive parents.   Kellye Hughes is an adoptive mom of three children and Julie, our paralegal, is the adoptive mom of two children. We practice around the State of Texas, in places such as Fort Worth, Arlington, and Grapevine.

Predictable Fees

In most cases, Hughes Law Center operates with flat fee arrangements.  You will know exactly the cost of the adoption up front with no surprise fees or costs. We are located in Arlington, Texas but handle cases throughout Texas, such as Fort Worth, Dallas, and Grapevine. 

Foster Parent Interventions

Foster parents can intervene into an existing CPS suit under two circumstances.  (1) the child has been in the foster home for 12 months; or, (2) the foster parents have adopted or sought to adopt the sibling(s) of the child(ren). Call an experienced attorney / lawyer for your adoption needs.

We do not advocate intervening in a CPS case where the birth family has made significant improvements.  Placement of a child with his or her birth family is almost always best.  However there are times when the birth parents have not made adequate improvements to enable them to safely parent their children.  

Foster parents need competent representation in these matters.  Hughes Law Center has presented hundreds of foster parents in multiple counties across the State of Texas.

Private Adoption

The circumstances of private adoptions vary as much as human relationships do. In a private adoption, Hughes Law Center brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to guiding clients through the adoption process.  

Hughes Law Center works closely with clients to make their family-building dreams come true.  You may be a prospective adoptive parent who has identified a birth mother ready to relinquish her rights to her still unborn or already born child.  

Hughes Law Center will help you meet all legal requirements in the State of Texas necessary to legally complete you adoption.