Tiffany, Benbrook, Texas

"In searching for an attorney, our criteria was, "a bulldog that doesn't accept the mediocrity of the status quo." Kellye came recommended by others in our foster care circle and after interviewing her, my husband and I felt quite comfortable. She and Julie were tenacious in their perseverance and just kept pushing and pushing through an anomaly of dysfunction and bureaucracy of a ridiculous system. In the end, they both are considered a crucial part of "our village" and we're very appreciative of the dedication. She's done 3 adoptions for us (including an adult adoption) and who knows ... possibly more in the future. ;)"

Jessica, Southlake, Texas

"We were scared and excited about the ups and down of our adoption. Kellie and Julie made it easy for us. They were incredibly aggressive and effective in all processes from what we needed to gather, to the court visits. They helped to push in the removal of parental rights and sped up the final adoption date. I would recommend them to anyone in or out of the state. They put us at ease. For that, we are truly grateful."

Ginna, Fort Worth, Texas

"Kellye goes above and beyond to protect the most volunerable children in our community. We hired her to represent us in the intervention into our foster son's (adopted son) case. I truly believe that without her knowledge, expertise, and passion we would have lost him and he would be growing up in a volatile situation and would most likely return to the foster system later on in life. Kellye fought for our family and we will forever be grateful for the gift she gave us! Kellye is one of a kind attorney"!

Candice, Weatherford, Texas

"You won't find a better attorney than Kellye when your dealing with the most previous things on earth, children!! Most importantly she does this for the right reasons and what matters most, CHILDREN! She is afraid to stand up to anyone and let me tell you, SHE GETS THE JOB DONE AND VERY WELL! I love her and admire her.

Jacki, River Oaks, Texas

"We used Kellye Hughes for the intervention of our foster daughter and for our adoption. She was very knowledgeable and very helpful. Her assistant Julie was equally as helpful. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an attorney that really knows their stuff on interventions."

Mark, Arlington, Texas

"Kellye and Julie were awesome! They always responded by email right away with any concerns or questions we had. Julie was on top of her game, always emailing me with any updates. Our adoption process was very quick and easy, I would highly recommend them to anyone! They were friendly and very inviting!?